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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarGeek View Post
    As far as the anthem goes, I wanna know who the crazy person was who thought it was a good idea to offer it to her. Like I said, who's sitting around saying, "We need to get someone who has literally no experience as a singer to sing a song that most professional singers struggle with!".
    Well, it was the '90s. She was popular. Baseball stadiums have run the gamut of luring people to sing the anthem and "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch and you gotta do it 82 times a year. A lot of the time its local amateur talent but they prefer people of renown and celebrities. Hell, even Ozzy has sang (well, attempted) "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".

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    So on today's Roseanne, Jim "Ernest" Varney plays a Moldavian prince who's come to Lanford to sweep Jackie off her feet. Really good performance from Varney, very different kind of character from Ernest.

    Also, I found out that Amazon Prime has Top Gear. Some of the episodes you have to subscribe to one of their premium channels, but there's a lot of them that are available with the basic service, includign at least a few I'm pretty sure I've never seen before.

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