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    Watching ST:TOS. The Enemy Within. Kirk gets split in two because of the transporter. The evil Kirk grabs Bones by the neck and demands....BRANDY! ....

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    June Cleaver: Eddie, would you care to stay for dinner? We're having roast beef.
    Eddie Haskell: No thank you, Mrs. Cleaver. I really must be getting home. We're having squab this evening.”

    “Eddie Haskell: Hey Wally, nobody's home. Let's call up some girls and pretend we're talent scouts.
    June Cleaver: [Enters the room.] Hello, Eddie.
    Eddie Haskell: Oh. Hi, Mrs. Cleaver. Gee Mrs. Cleaver, your hair looks real pretty today.
    June Cleaver: Well, you should know Eddie, being a talent scout.”

    “Eddie Haskell : Gee, your kitchen always looks so clean.
    June Cleaver : Why, thank you, Eddie.
    Eddie Haskell : My mother says it looks as though you never do any work in here.”

    Eddie Haskell, he da man..


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