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Thread: Gentle Giant first four records re-released on vinyl

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    Gentle Giant first four records re-released on vinyl

    I was hoping for this one, especially Acquiring the taste and Three Friends, and I hope that Glasshouse gets also a re-release with the original cover.

    "Gentle Giant is very pleased to announce that their first four albums will be released in vinyl form on April 3rd 2020.

    These albums will be pressed in high end 180 gram vinyl with their original gatefold sleeves and artwork.

    The year 2020 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the initial release of ‘Gentle Giant’, followed by ‘Acquiring The Taste’, ‘Three Friends’ & ‘Octopus’.

    Gentle Giant hopes that by making these albums available again in their original analog form, all friends, fans & followers will enjoy a part of ‘the birth of a realization’ of the band."
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    Very nice, thanks.

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    That's great, but I've already got those records on vinyl.

    It would be wonderful if there were new listeners, of course, but both oldies and most youngsters seem tired of "having to explore" - consequently they're not likely to do that any longer. They're content to have already established convictions confirmed and will rather stick to discussing Phil Collins' snot than actually being exposed to a different piece of potentially enlightening music from an "obscure" artist whose sheer artistic existence doesn't concern their interest.

    It's called cultural death and will soon convert into physical such.
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    Having had a limited budget in the 70s I started buying GG with Free Hand and as a friend had the early records I recorded the rest on tape. I bought all Caravan while a friend bought Hatfield , Gong and Steve Hillage. Nowadays I am buying a lot of my favourite records, but some of the originals have reached ridiculous prices. I saw the other day a UK Acquring The Taste in VG shape with a torn cover for 60 I gladly welcome the vinyl re-release of records that has become quite expensive. I bought most of the early Zappa vinyl re-releases too which you can find for 10 Euros.
    Dieter Moebius : "Art people like things they don’t understand!"

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    Pointless purchase unless they sound great of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yesstiles View Post
    Pointless purchase unless they sound great of course.
    To Support the band

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    We've put our 2011 interview with Deriek Shulman and Gary Green of Gentle Giant up in the Echoes Podcast: In the Echoes Podcast this week an interview with musician and film composer Alex Somers and we talk to founding members of the Progressive Rock group, Gentle Giant.


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