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Thread: Not quite prog, but maybe of interest to some...?

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    Not quite prog, but maybe of interest to some...?

    As some of you who know me may be aware, in addition to prog I have a deep and abiding love for folk music, and one of my all time favorite songwriters was John Denver. Yes, I know it's strange hearing his name mentioned on a prog forum, but I really consider him to be one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time.

    So, over the past few years, I've been putting together a musical tribute to John Denver, and it's finally out. There are a couple of prog bands featured on it, so I thought it may be of interest to some here.

    Farpoint covers the "Foxfire Suite," a roughly 7 minute, 4 part suite from his DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS album in the early '90s. Also, Greyfeather covers the 13 minute "Seasons Suite," which was basically side 2 of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH album back in the seventies. For those who are not aware, Greyfeather is made up of 5 members of previously established prog rock bands: myself on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Steve Katsikas of Little Atlas on lead vocals and keyboards, Dennis Mullin of Iluvatar on lead and rhythm guitar, Brian Coralian of IZZ on drums and percussion, and Wade Summerlin of Cobweb Strange on bass.

    Also, Madagon, a new art-rock offshoot of Farpoint, covers "The Eagle and the Hawk," one of my all time favorite songs. Gracefully Broken, my duo with Farpoint's Jennifer Weich, tackled "Poems, Prayers and Promises," and Jennifer also appears on First Glimpse's cover of "Rhymes and Reasons." I covered 2 myself, with Farpoint's Rick Walker helping me out on drums on one of them. And lastly, for the ubiquitous "Take Me Home, Country Roads," I put together a lineup of a bunch of my favorite musicians including Farpoint's Rick Walker and Jennifer Weich, Greyfeather's Dennis Mullin and Wade Summerlin, and more.

    I'm really proud of how this turned out, and I'd love to hear some thoughts and feedback from anyone who may happen to be a fan of JD's music. Links below:


    Incidentally, it is available on CD from the CDBaby store, but only until late March when, sadly, they are closing down their physical CD store.
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    Hi Kevin. Sounds very interesting. The music is up on CDBaby, but not on YouTube and Spotify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
    Hi Kevin. Sounds very interesting. The music is up on CDBaby, but not on YouTube and Spotify.
    Hey Lou! Thanks for that heads up...It is up on those places, but for some reason those links aren't working...Let me try something else.
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    OK, try it again now if you like...I don't understand why the previous links didn't work...I copied and pasted them directly from the source. But I just checked these out and they are definitely working for me. Apologies to anyone who tried them and was unsuccessful!
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    Well, it's been a year since this release. I thought I'd bump it one time just in case, with one edit: Since CDBaby has closed their store, and with Covid their warehouse has basically been shut down so their distribution to other sellers has basically stopped, CDs are available directly from me in case anyone is interested.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who reads, listens, shares, or purchases.
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