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Thread: Bryan Ferry-Live '74 (RAH)

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    Bryan Ferry-Live '74 (RAH)

    I was ambivalent about picking up this new release last week as Ferry's covers albums are not my faves in his solo catalog. But when I got it home...saw the lineup of Manzanera, Jobson, Pert, Wetton, Thompson and a small orchestra...I knew I was in for a treat and a treat it is! Ferry's voice is at its peak...the players are on fire, including some great back-up vocals...the material is enlivened from the studio versions and the whole package is housed in a nice sturdy hardback case with some great pix. Anyone else enjoying this blast from the past?

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    It's playing as I type this. So far, so good. It's everything you described not some lame covers albums from a singer suffering from writer's block.


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