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Thread: White Willow - Future Hopes

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    White Willow - Future Hopes

    I've been aware of White Willow for a long time, and always enjoyed what I heard...But I stumbled across this one the other day, and I've got to say, it really caught my ear. (Well, technically the beautiful Roger Dean artwork caught my EYE first!) I haven't listened through the whole album, but so far every song is captivating. As a full time musician these days, it's much harder for me to be able to listen to music just for the enjoyment of it, and as a result of that it's been quite a while since something in the prog genre has really impacted me, but I've gotta say, I'm loving this one. The songs are wonderful, and the production is just...addictive. I just want to keep listening.

    Sorry if there's already been a thread on this one, but I've just got to say, very very well done!

    Anyone else appreciating this one?
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    Jon Neudorf
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    Excellent album.

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    That is one of the few White Willow albums I don't own. Not sure why I never picked it up, but it sounds like I should.

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    The vinyl looks and sounds so good. The lengthy epic on side 2 is great.
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    I've listened to this before, it does sound good, more plays required.

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    Nice to see this get some love - thanks guys! Incidentally I just saw that Roger Dean is using the cover as the opening painting in his current exhibition in Miami:

    There'll be some more White Willow stuff later this year. Meanwhile, for those itching for something related, I released an album with my project Telepath last year, which may satisfy those who like the darkest White Willow sounds:

    And this Spring I'll also be releasing the 3rd The Opium Cartel album (my prog-pop project), which will feature performances from folks like Airbag's Bjørn Riis and Wobbler's Lars Fredrik Frøislie.



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