This week 02/02/2020: It's..RADIO TIME.(PROG ROCK DINER, Proudly since 1991) 10PM-12AM Midnight EST EVERY SUNDAY

LINK to bookmark - same time every week: - and hit LISTEN LIVE Same link and time every week. All On NOVA cable TV audio (ON COX and Verizon in No. VA, check with your cable co for RADIO FAIRFAX ) The whole shootin' match is produced by Deb Sears.
♫ shtoink ♫ bangbang

10PM-11PM EST Deb ♀ playz:

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)
La Maschera Di Cera
Matching Mole

♫ bangbangbang ♪♪♫ fugroon

11pm-12 Midnight Pauly plays

Doctor Nerve


Requests???? Try us! Ya never know. The detailed playlist can be provided upon request. We hope you enjoy the show. Thank s for listening.