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Thread: Big Big train North america

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    It was the repeated mentions of BBT in articles about Dave and Nick that brought me into the fold. Yes, the band will be fine without Mr Gregory, although he has moments as a player when he’s unmistakable, so that’s character that will be lost from the music going forward. I’m sad that what was likely going to be my one lifetime chance to actually see him play in person is now gone, but I get that international touring is a real burden for a 67-year old man who can probably fill all his needs while staying closer to home.

    I hope I’m still physically able to travel when BBT finally does make it to the USA, and that by then it’s still essentially the same band I’ve fallen so in love with.

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    On the plus side just signed up for the three month Passengers club membership offered gratis to North American ticket holders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moecurlythanu View Post
    Sad that Dave Gregory quit, and the reason was international touring.

    David Longdon is making an album with Judy Dyble? That's effin' awesome!
    From a post by Greg Spawton on Facebook...

    Provided there are no further restrictions on movement or on ability to work in commercial recording studios, Dave will be in a studio with David in a week or so's time putting down some parts on the forthcoming Dyble / Longdon solo album. And I am sure that Dave will feature as a guest artist on other BBT or BBT-related releases.


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