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Thread: Blows Against the Empire 50th Anniversary tour

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    Blows Against the Empire 50th Anniversary tour

    I get it - so much classic music is turning 50. But this is a dubious lineup, imho, going under the name "The Airplane Family". Only two dates announced so far...the Tupelo in New Hampshire and the Newton Theater in NJ. More info at their facebook site: "THE AIRPLANE FAMILY is descended from Jefferson Airplane who were inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016."

    "Performing “Blows” along with Jefferson Airplane favorites and some Grateful Dead jams are: Peter Kaukonen, wasaco -founder of both Hot Tuna & Jefferson Starship, & a member of Jefferson Airplane with his brother Jorma. He played lead guitar & bass on the original album. Slick Aguilar, David Crosby guitarist in the 1980s,performed in Jefferson Starship for 25 years with Paul Kantner, prior to his passing in January 2016. Tom Constanten was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1995 as original pianist in Grateful Dead. Mark Karan, lead guitarist with Bob Weir’s Rat Dog and The Other Ones and his Rat Dog bandmate, bassist Robin Sylvester–also comprise Live Dead with Tom & Slick. Mike Falzarano played in Hot Tuna for12 years and New Riders for 15 years. Clair Maloney, a major new talent performs all the Grace Slick vocal parts. And...there will be special guests and an original multi-media component."

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    Pretty inflated CV for Peter Kaukonen there. I wonder where David Freiberg is--he also played on the original album and is usually involved in any attempts to keep the starship aloft.

    I could dig hearing the album performed live, even if it is no more than a cover band.

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    ^ I believe Freiberg has been quite ill for some time. Although he's far less prominently featured here than on Tollbooth a.o., Blows was always my fave of these 'Airplane family' outings. There's something truly anarchic about the opening track and especially across the entire side 2 of the original album, which becomes almost like a poetic mini-space opera in sound/words.
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    really love the album, but pass on this celebration (ill-advised, IMHO)
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