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Thread: My prog / avant / music themed house

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    Yup....the First comment I always hear when entering my house is "you're not married"......By the way....good job on the living spaces......I followed your progress on that LP wall in another thread and oftentimes wanted to post..."show us an update of the Prog Wall!"
    For the train spotters out there- here is the list of the albums on the wall, left to right, up to down, left wall to right wall:

    Frank Zappa- overnite sensation
    L voag- the way out
    Henry cow- leg end
    Moondog- the story of moondoog
    Officer- ossification
    Soft Machine - 4
    Peter Hammill- future now
    David Bowie- Low
    Magma- mdk
    Syd Barrett- madcap laughs
    Van der graaf generator- pawnhearts
    Henry cow- western culture
    Supersister- spiral staircase
    Kevin Ayers- joy of a toy
    King gizzard and the lizard wizard- paper mache dream balloon
    Syd Barrett- Barrett
    PFM - storia di un minuto
    Beach Boys- smile
    The best of Pink Floyd
    Family- music in a dolls house
    Jacques Thollot- Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe a la mer
    Robert Wyatt- shleep
    Vashti Bunyan- lookaftering
    Albert Marcoeur- Armes et cycles
    Serge Gainsbourg- Lhomme a tete de chou
    Albert Marcoeur- Album a colorier
    Lard Free- Im around about midnight
    Moving Gelatine Plates- the world of genius Hans
    Art Bears- Winter Songs
    Roger Bunn- piece of mind
    Swans- white light from the mouth of infinity
    Peter Hammill - fall of the house of usher
    Calvary Greetings- Stepmother
    Peter Hammill- sitting targets
    Van der graaf generator- Still life
    Albert Marcoeur- 1
    Etron fou le loublan- battelages
    Sufjan Stevens- Michigan
    Supersister- to the highest bidder
    Poil- Brossakllit
    Pere Ubu- the modern dance
    Van der graaf generator- Aerosol grey machine
    Eric Dolphy- out to lunch
    Urban Sax 1
    Kew Rhone (was- Eugene chadbourne- there'll be no tears tonight)
    Red queen to Gryphon three
    Franco Battiato- sulle corde di aries
    Tangerine dream- Ricochet
    Keith Tippett Ark
    Captain Beefheart- Lick my decals off baby
    R. Stevie Moore- whats the point?
    Carla Bley- escalator over the hill
    Bjork- Biophilia
    Rudi J- first wondering
    Backnee Horn- 2

    King Crimson- Lizard
    Cheer Accident- introducing lemon
    Love- forever changes
    Poil- sus
    The world of Harry Partch
    Van der graaf generator- a grounding in numbers
    Magma - Wurdah Itah
    Popol vuh- aguirre
    Mothergong- Fairytales
    Henry Cow- in praise of learning
    Soft Machine- vol 2
    Miles Davis- bitches brew
    Slapp Happy- sort of
    Thelonious Monk- underground
    Fire Orchestra- ritual
    Dedalus- materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico
    Amon duul- wolf city
    Brigitte Fontaine- comme a la radio
    Comus -first utterance
    Mayo Thompson- corkys debt to his father
    Can- Monster movie
    Henry Cow- unrest
    Officer- dead unique
    Mingus- the black saint and the sinner lady
    Gong- flying teapot
    Meet the Residents
    Craig Scotts Lobotomy- war is a racket
    Poil- dins o cuol
    Shub Nigurath- les morts vont vite
    Lhasa - la llorona
    Goebbels and Harth- Frankfurt Peking
    Univers Zero- Heresie
    Gong- on radio
    Manu Chao- Clandestino
    Musci / Venosta - urban and tribal portraits

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    Beautiful job, I love the Vandergraaf bathroom!
    no tunes, no dynamics, no nosebone


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