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Thread: ANGEL - new album and book

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    One of the better band logos. That's about all I can add.
    Orange is the new stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    One of the better band logos. That's about all I can add.
    Macht das ohr auf!


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    There's some good stuff on all the original five albums, I reckon though, unlike most of the people who've posted so far, I actually think White Hot & Sinful are their best records, Both feature wonderfully over the top pomp rock with added pop sensibilities.

    The one that I listen to least is On Earth As It Is In Heaven which has a terrible production and a far more meat & potatoes approach to the songwriting though even here there are some nuggets worth owning.

    Haven't heard the new album yet. The clip posted suggests it might be a good 'un/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    One of the better band logos.
    Loved turning it upside down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve F. View Post
    True fact: I went to High School with Punky’s little brother Timmy. Also a guitarist.
    My good pal, Chronometers- era Muffin drummer Stu Abramowitz, went to High School with and is still good friends with drummer Barry Brandt’s little brother, Guy, who now runs a very good delicatessen!

    Thus ends anything I have to say of value to fans of Angel.
    Paul Sears has some great stories on those Meadows brothers, to quote Paul "you can read about it in my book".

    Regarding the new album - i was a huge fan when these guys hit in the 70's and i still consider Punky Meadows to be one of the greatest guys to wield a Stratocaster besides Jimi and Rory.
    I picked up the new record more out of nostolgia and curiosity and kept my expectations low. I have to say this album is way better than it should have been. Sure, it's not the same long song, proggy glam rock from the '70 but all are very skilled musicians, Frank's voice is extremely good and Punky still plays like nobody's business.

    The new record is pretty much hard driving arena rock with a few prog flourishes and even some good power pop, this album is way better than anything i could imagine someone like Motley Crue or Def Leppard putting out. My only minor complaint is i would like to have the keyboard pushed a little more forward in the mix. The re-recording of The Tower seems like a "why bother" type of thing but when you hear it you say "holy shit they do this amazingly well!"
    If i were to make a "Best of 2019" list Risen would be on it, good fun!

    I hope i get the opportunity to see these guys again live on a proper stage and not some skanky nightclub.

    Regarding the book - that just seems to be a tell all by a one time member when the band made a very short go at it (sans Punky) in the early 00's. He also has a Kiss book and judging from the reviews it sounds like utter garbage. Not much credibility i'd say.

    File this one under power pop -

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    I use to work in Vienna, VA, and I would see Punky sitting outside his tanning salon he owned in Oakton on occasion as I drove by. He sold it and moved south.

    I had seen some videos from a few years back where he had a younger vocalist from PA I had previously met at RoSfest doing vocal duties for a bunch music school students and their professor billed as Flight Pig, if I remember correctly.

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    Proceeds from Risen will be put toward paying off Punky's facelift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick L. View Post
    Proceeds from Risen will be put toward paying off Punky's facelift.
    He looks more like the character in the Angel logo now than he did 40 years ago.

    "Moustache stays right where it's at" - Clutch


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