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Thread: Space Junk is Forever (great band from Mass)

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    Space Junk is Forever (great band from Mass)

    Hello !

    First I used to be on the site alot, but life gets in the way. So hello from me to you again.

    Second, and more importantly, I think you may find "Space Junk is Forever" an unbelievably cool band.

    Vintage keys (Hammond, Leslies, and Rhodes), combined with killer guitar, bass and drums. I really love this band. Their Drummer Madden Klass is incredibly gifted in my opinion and as all prog lovers would have it, 4/4 is not the norm with this band. Jordan Holtz is also an incredibly talented keyboardist and the entire band really (Claude, Dave and Matt) create some beautiful proggy tunes.

    Check them out on Youtube, or Patreon, Instagram or Facebook as they do have clips up there.

    They have one Vinyl record, a second CD, and an EP.

    I really recommend it. I've met them and they are very cool and approachable people as well.

    I suggested to them that they look into Progstock, hopefully they do.

    Best regards everyone

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    Some important stuff you forgot:

    Sounds like fun music. Well done, and very much "in the tradition".

    They should also try for Progday, who are always looking for solid, non-cheesy traditional/symph acts, and for whom instrumental music is perfectly fine.
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    Cool. I like it.

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    Pretty good stuff there. Much prog.
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    This does sound inviting; worth pursuing indeed.

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    Thanks for the post. Just caught their show in NYC Friday night and it was a blast. All great players but drummer Madden Klass was just a pleasure to watch and listen to. Was really surprised to find out afterward that she's only 20 years old. Incredibly gifted player.

    I agree they would be a nice fit for Progstock and I will definitely see them next time they play the area.


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    Wonder if they ever make the trek to Western MA...I'd love to see them live.

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    I like it!
    Why is it whenever someone mentions an artist that was clearly progressive (yet not the Symph weenie definition of Prog) do certain people feel compelled to snort "thats not Prog" like a whiny 5th grader?

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    Thanks for posting this. Fun stuff.
    I dig the organ tone. Reminds me a bit of Combination Head.

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    For what it's worth - there are a number of links to other interesting artists, most of whom I'd never heard before, on the Space Junk is Forever Spotify "Fans also Like" link.

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    I had listened to their debut upon release. Pleasant vintage keyboard driven album in a Triumvirat/Combination Head post ELP style, but nothing special.
    Macht das ohr auf!



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