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Thread: Fripp's solo on Bowie's "Fashion"

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    Fripp's solo on Bowie's "Fashion"

    Any idea what he's doing and what effects they were using on it?

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    I saw him performing frippertronics the year before Fashion (1980), and he used this distortion pedal and a cry baby wah. The amps were two Music Man 410.

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    A KILLER Fripp solo. I love his work with Bowie.

    I found this:

    ...and some other stuff from a forum:

    Yep, for intro, fuzz, small amp 1 10" or 1 12", ROOM MIKED from opposite side of room. At start of verse, same setup with flanger added, mike closer to amp about a foot or two. Liberal use of editing was done too.

    To duplicate the sound, you will need to set your effects with a tight slap back delay with slight reverb, add fuzz, or use a trebly distortion setting.

    At start of verse, use the same setup but this time add a flanger and turn delay off but keep the reverb on.

    The delay and reverb will act as your room ambience. Adjust the flanger to match the warble speed and depth in the recording.

    (A later tip was to have the "Regeneration" on the delay at Medium.)
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    If i recall at the time, Fripp said in an interview or maybe it was Bowie that Fripp “spraypainted guitar” over Scary Monsters. A very apt description.

    Beep Beep.

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    My teenage daughter loves Scary Monsters. It always makes me smile when she's listening to it with Fripp spray-painting away.


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