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Thread: Used Prog Vinyl at Voltage Records in Asheville, NC

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    Used Prog Vinyl at Voltage Records in Asheville, NC

    My wife and I visited the lovely city of Asheville this past weekend. I popped into Voltage Records thinking I'd have a quick glance around before our 4 hr drive home. An hour plus later I walked out with these vinyl LPs, all used, but all in almost new condition:

    Accordo dei Contrari - AdC
    Aquaserge - lasse ca etre
    Bjorn Riis - Forever Comes to an End
    Bjorn Riis - Lullabies in a Car Crash
    Ciccada - The Finest of Miracles
    Diagonal - The Second Mechanism
    Et Cetera - s/t
    Galasphere 347 - s/t
    Grand General - s/t
    Jean-Paul Prat - Masal
    Karmakanik - Dot
    Magic Pie - Circus of Life
    Motorpsycho - It's a Love Cult
    Motorpsycho - Let them Eat Cake
    Nemrud - Ritual
    Panzerpappa - Astromalist
    Piniol - Bran Coucou
    Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever
    Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother
    White Willow - Terminal Twilight

    The Et Cetera isn't perfect, but no cut-out, and includes original insert. Other than that one and Masal these are all 21st century releases.

    All but a few of were in the recent arrivals section, having been recently purchased from a single collector. I wonder if that person is here on PE?

    I was amazed to find all this in a brick and mortar store. There was plenty more that I passed on, so if you're in the area, check it out.

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    Or......someone's Weird Uncle died and the Nephew carted the collection in......
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