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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year friends!

    I know, i know... just play along with me. I still have hope that things are just weird enough anymore to possibly actually work out somehow

    Anyways.... I wish everybody here the very best in 2020. Here's to an unexpectedly excellent year.

    I stumbled upon the very old post below in Prog Archives (which, even then, i rarely, if ever, had visited for years except occasionally to update the 3 fans we have there). It was in our 2011 release window - Soul Revolution was just out. Anyway, it has some links some of you might find useful. They are all still live, so i've rehooked them up to work here on PE. You'll note the usual snarky commentary and occasional bursts of sarcastic product placement.

    There is a lot there to explore and/or listen to. I mean the musical links, of course; way too much surely.

    That said, it's there for whenever you need it. We can all use a little extra tunage. The more the merrier, i say.

    Peace to you and your loved ones in this new year. It will be full of surprises, no doubt. Let's hope they're mostly positive ones.

    Hugs and whatnot to everyone here. Keep your sticks on the ice,

    Kimara Sajn
    Posted January 4, 2020

    posted on ProgArchives circa 2011

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    Direct Link To This Post Topic: Precognitive Records News
    Posted: September 30 2011 at 16:44

    Official details on our new releases can be found here:

    Among the most recent items, you'll find a few new online streams (full albums streaming from our site) including the Kimara Sajn album "Moment/Festival" originally released in 2002 and still available from us directly. This album can be listened to in its entirety on our website. You will also find a link to the stream below:

    Kimara Sajn - Moment/Festival

    The new +1 double-EP "Soul Revolution/Teenage Battle Hymns" was released last week to the excitement and subdued screaming of fans worldwide. Rather than describe it you can listen to it yourselves, whenever you like, in a less super-charged but no-less thrilling audio format (320k stereo) via the links below:

    +1 - Soul Revolution/Teenage Battle Hymns

    Disc 1 - "Soul Revolution"

    Disc 2 - "Teenage Battle Hymns"

    The previous +1 album "Life Stories" still continues to get decent reviews and is still available for purchase from our site. It can also be streamed in its entirety from our site for free online. A link to that stream is here:

    +1 - Life Stories

    And, as a special treat (if you wish to consider it that), here is a set especially crafted by our friends at Red Balloon makers of Happy Brain ("the other dead meat"). It features a lively mix of Polyethylene Pet/+1 material:

    Red Balloon Presents "The Alien"

    * Editor's Note: if i recall correctly, this was originally made as an introduction ot our work, especially for PE *

    We hope you enjoy these offerings and visit our site often for updates, music and like that.

    Precognitive Records
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    Thanks, Kim.

    Wishing us ALL a better 2020 (unlikely, but still wishing...)
    Steve F.

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    And on a side note - this will be coming out in May. To thunderously silent appreciation, surely

    I almost wonder why i bother, the world is so freakin' BIG right now ('nuff said). Maybe in the hopes of bringing a little cheer and a dappling of light in the proceedings? Whatever.

    Anyway, here's to dapplings of light become a flood of positive energy, eh? Yes!

    For PE listeners only, a sneak preview.

    Peace out,


    +1 - "Voodoo Ruins"
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...

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    Sounds groovy!
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    Gald you're liking it, Greg!
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...

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    One bumpity bump (of two)....
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...


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