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Thread: MLB 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Bails View Post
    Exactly my point. He's easily top 5.
    Aside from Ruth being #1, I think many of the remaining top ten could be interchangeable.
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    Larry King interviewing Hank Aaron.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangram View Post
    RIP Hammer. One of the all time greats. Hall of Famers are passing at an alarming rate lately.
    I saw the late great Henry Aaron "HAMMER" one out of Connie Mack Stadium at my second ever live baseball game--- so I Thank Hank for quite the eternal memory

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    The Phillies have re-signed JT Realmuto to a 5-year, $115.5 million contract.

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    Just saw that. I know the Braves were rumored to be in the mix (though that’s been said of all the big free agent sluggers).

    I also saw that MLBPA nixed the universal DH? That move does not seem to support the interest of the players.

    I’ll argue it doesn’t support the interests of the fans, either. But, hey, I get that some folks like watching pitchers “hit” and managers utilize the double switch.
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