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    Colin Stetson

    I'm not sure if this belongs on the main board or not so I'm going to put it here.

    I am sure this amazing musician has been discussed here before, but I couldn't find very much about him. I just recently discovered his music, mostly because of the movie Hereditary, for which he composed the score. Here is a piece from that score, it is the music that is in the final scene.

    I find it amazing the sounds he can evoke out of reed instruments, mostly the saxophone. Not something I can listen to a lot, but in small doses, it is fascinating. Any fans around here? Here's another haunting example

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    One of my favorites from 2017:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravedigger View Post
    One of my favorites from 2017:

    Yeah, this is really the best album I know with him on it. I have the album he did with Mats Gustaffson but duel sax records aren't really my thing, and I've definitely watched a youtube video of two of him doing his thing live, which I do find fasicinating from a purely technical aspect.

    I'll investigate that soundtrack album, thanks.
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