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Thread: Your favourite concert experience(s) but also why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richt View Post
    That was also the weekend of my first Grateful Dead show 3/16/73 @ Nassau Coliseum LI NY. Festival seating on the floor that night, NROTPSage opening, we hitched a ride at 10 am for a 7pm show. Sat outside on line all day for front row standing.I was never a big GD fan but was advised to give it a shot, I think they did a 45 min. Truckin and maybe Dark Star that nite, would have to check that.
    According to Deadlists, they did Dark Star/Truckin'/Sugar Magnolia. Dark Star was 26:30, Truckin' 8:26, and Morning Dew clocked in at 11:33. Plus there was a 20 minute Playin' In The Band, too.

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    Aura Noir-Maryland Death Fest 2009. I really could not afford to go, but did anyway because I had done artwork for Blasphemer for another band (Ava Inferi) and we were in contact and he had me as a guest. I gave him my cell phone number and while I am wandering around the place, he called twice and I realize it coming outside and I run to the hotel to catch up with him. He's not in the room, so I after hanging for a bit, I go to leave to go to the festival. As I step outside, I see three men coming up the hill to the hotel and spotted Blasphemer right out.
    Me: "Rune?"
    Rune; "Yes?"
    Me: "We know each other."
    Rune: "Ah! Jen!"
    So we went out to dinner with the other members of Aura Noir, Peter Beste and Peter Beste's guest.

    A couple of years later, 2011, I take Aura Noir (with a different drummer) to Mr. Pasta in Wilmington (their choice). We go in and order but you have to pay up front (strange). It is the only place that does not accept plastic, so I tell the band I will be back because I have to go to the ATM. I get outside and the ATM is at a convenience store next to the restaurant, so I decide I will run it....only to realize rather quickly and suddenly that the sidewalk is uneven. I face pant into the concrete. I am laying there...
    First thought: "Fuck....I fell..."
    Second thought: "Fuck! They are near a window! I hope they did not see my fat ass trip!"
    Third thought: "Is the iPod okay?"
    Everything seems fine. I come back, pay and join the band. I turn to Blasphemer...
    Me: "I found out the sidewalk is uneven."
    Rune: "Are you sure it isn't you?"
    Me: "It might be now."
    The band however had not seen it and When I told Blasphemer later, he was genuinely concerned about it.
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    LIVE AID - Wembley Stadium, summer 1985.

    Further comment superfluous.

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    > Spock's Beard-The Bottom Line-July 23, 2001 (First set only) regrettably only because I didn't attend the second show. Great, GREAT show, still the best Prog related gig I ever witnessed. It would be the only time I would have seen the Neal led band together.<

    I was there! Neal Morse asked me from the stage if it was true that I appeared on Good Morning America to plug my coffee and I quipped "No, it was Good Morning Saigon, which is why nobody saw it". Fantastic gig. I DID stay for the second set....

    D'OH! I just scrolled thru and I'd already made this comment. Thought it was a new thread....
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    Eela Craig after the had released Virgin Oiland.
    It was in the Congres Gebouw in The Hague and the audience existed of something like 20 people. Everybody seemed to know eachother. A gu who owned a recordstore, got a T-shirt worn by one of the bandmembers, a T-shirt with a Bruckner profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    LIVE AID - Wembley Stadium, summer 1985.

    Further comment superfluous.
    Much debate has been whether Phil Collins ruined it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rune Blackwings View Post
    Much debate has been whether Phil Collins ruined it
    He musta dun, Zep"s performance has been cut from every CD/DVD release!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
    He musta dun, Zep"s performance has been cut from every CD/DVD release!
    Glad I recorded it.

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    Monsters of Rock - L.A. Colosseum '88, IIRC. Metallica had the power turned off twice. Biggest and craziest show I've seen.

    Rush - Red Rocks - R30 Tour - I'm probably one of those dots on the cover of Neil Peart's Roadshow.

    Dream Theater - SFAM - The Joint, Las Vegas My favorite album. Great sounding venue and they were, well, DT. Spock's Beard opened and I had no clue about them. Wish I had payed more attention now but oh well.

    Deep Purple - Veterans Memorial, Phoenix - 1987 - Jon Lord in a white tux playing Let It Be and Fur Elise. Not a bad night from Ritchie also, he was not being moody that night.

    Kansas - Aladdin, Las Vegas - 1982 - My first. Not the original but still a killer starting point for a first show. Cool that there's a video from that tour.


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