t's..RADIO TIME.(PROG ROCK DINER, Proudly since 1991) 10PM-12AM Midnight EST EVERY SUNDAY, this one 12/01/2019. LINK to bookmark - same time every week:

www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax - and hit LISTEN LIVE Same link and time every week. The Paul Sears Radio hour is 2nd hour of the PRD. All On NOVA cable TV audio (check with your cable co for RADIO FAIRFA as well in Northern VA, as well as on the Internet. The whole shootin' match is produced by Deb Sears.
♫ shtoink ♫ bangbang

10PM-11PM EST Deb ♀ playz:
Wappa Gappa
Samla Mammas Manna
Saint Just
♫ bangbangbang ♪♪♫ fugroon

11pm-12 Midnight Pauly ♂ plays ....

Requests???? Try us! Ya never know. Anyone that has cool new music they want to promote on the Prog Rock Diner, (includes my 1 hour show) feel free to send 44.1Khz 16 bit CD wavs (all our music is sourced from CDS) files ONLY (no MP3 or 24 bit) and relevant documentation (tune title, artist, release label and date) via wetransfer.com to paul@paulsears.net for consideration. Hey! We do like to help our friends out!