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Thread: French Prog listening project

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    I am completely stupefied by the tons of great rock music that France produced particularly in the period 1969-1985. I thought I had a clue, but checking the names mentioned here made me realize my ignorance.

    I think France is seriously underrated as a country of progressive rock music. Its contribution is definitely no less than Germany's, and I would say it has a wider scope and a more eclectic character than Krautrock, where you know what to expect (more or less). We were discussing this with Spacefreak during a drinking session, and he correctly pointed that the French singing mostly in their own language confined the music's influence to a narrower audience. Also the fact that lots of this stuff hasn't been properly re-issued.

    I also asked him which one and only French album he would salvage in case of an immediate catastrophe. I was expecting to hear the word Magma, but his answer was Ange - Au dela du delire and Art Zoyd - Phase IV. Fair enough. I would pick Kohntarkosz.

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    Oh to be in sunny Greece, drinking and talking French prog rock!
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