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Thread: More Steve Hackett News!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Krautman View Post
    also Cinema Show where some of the main melodic lines (originally played on keys) are replaced (or doubled) by the (harsh sounding) soprano saxophone (got it right now ?), it just doesn't sound right or good to my ears.
    I utterly disagree. First that the soprano sax is harsh sounding, and that its use in "Cinema Show" isn't right or good. I think it adds an organic flavor to the song that emphasizes the universality of the melody line (especially that one, which is my favorite bit in the whole jam).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Krautman View Post
    I wasn't sure, now I am. Maybe a clarinet would have been less intrusive... hard to tell from the sound as it seems heavily processed anyway. Still it doesn't change anything to my comment: to my ears It doesn't sound right in this context and I don't like it.
    No, no. A clarinet would be much more intrusive if the soprano is harsh to your ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calyx View Post
    What you call a clarinet is known to most as a soprano saxophone.
    But it STILL sounds horrible. He sounds fine on the flute parts Gabriel played but when he starts his antics blowing on that "soprano" all hell breaks loose.
    Talk about a way to destroy classic Genesis songs, Townsend is the butcher.


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