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Thread: BBC Sessons

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    In 1963 The Beatles did a television broadcast for the BBC called It's The Beatles which was a complete (albeit, allegedly poorly shot) live concert from the Liverpool Empire. Only about ten minutes of that survive and you know why? Because the original master tape was sent to trainees to experiment editing with. Ouch. A nice quality off-air recording of that was uncovered a few years ago, at least.
    Well, back then, even the Fab Four weren't sure if they'd be around much longer.
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    Nick Drake did do two or three BBC sessions. Some of the material was officially released, although only on the 10" which came with the deluxe edition of the book Remembered For A While:

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    Cream and The Moody Blues released killer BBC sets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjohnwayne View Post
    Are those songs "Missing Pieces" from the BBC?

    "Clocks and Clouds" is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I can only imagine what National Health could've been like had Mont Campbell stayed with them. Three writers of that level of skill is something that I can't think of any band ever having.
    Yes, most of National Health "Missing Pieces" is from BBC sessions. I think the credits are incorrect on the CD about "Clocks and Clouds" as it was recorded after Neil Murray replaced Mont Campbell.

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    A few more BBC sessions I like:

    Hawkwind Radio One In Concert: Kinda plays like a Space Ritual: The Dress Rehearsal, as it was recorded just a few months before that tour commenced. Lots of spacey electronics on that one. Apparently most of The Text Of Festival unofficial release was derived from some of their earlier BBC recordings, some of it's not bad, but the sound quality is crummy.

    Queen: the Xmas '75 show at the Hammersmith Odeon was broadcast on the BBC, does that count as a BBC session?! Great, stunning performance from the band, returning to London as conquering kings (pun intended) delivering a devastating set to their biggest hometown audience yet.

    Deep Purple: The two BBC concerts, from '70 and '72, gathered on the In Concert release. I have the double LP release on Purple Records from the early 80's, where each LP side was nearly a half hour long. I eventually got the reissue, on Spitfire Records, which adds a couple bonus tracks to the '72 show. Only time they ever played Never Before before an audience (or at least, the only time it was recorded) just a lot of really bad ass hard rock.

    Steve Hillage: he apparently did several BBC recordings, the two I know best are the ones on the Gong Go Long double CD bootleg. I believe one of them was finally issued legitimately on the Rainbow Theater 1977 release. There was a BBC In Concert disc from Hillage, released on the Windsong label, which includes, I think, most of the other show from Gong Go Long, and one or two tracks from a BBC session in 1976, I believe. And there was also the Rock Goes To College video.

    And then there's all the bands who played on The Old Grey Whistle Test, which as I recall, includes Nektar, Camel, Focus, Yes (the QPR show from the Relayer tour), Lynyrd Skynyrd (from the short lived two guitar era), and Japan.

    I seem to recall there was a Thin Lizzy show that was broadcast on the BBC, from the Thunder And LIghtning tour, but I've only seen it once, so I don't remember much about it.

    And I don't know if it counts, but Motorhead apparently recorded a new version of Ace Of Spades for their appearance on The Young Ones. That was the first version I heard, and still my favorite (and I love how in the middle of the song, when Wurzel and Phil Campbell are trading solos, you never once see the guitarist who is soloing at any given time).

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    I think with the Queen Hammersmith show and others like Tull at MSG, there was a simulcast with FM radio. If you had the radio on at the same time, you would get stereo sound to accompany the pictures, as opposed to mono TV sound. But in both cases only part of the concerts were shown on TV.

    Elton John did a similar Christmas show at Hammersmith Odeon the year before the Queen one which still hasn't been officially released.

    Deep Purple did a fair amount of studio sessions for the BBC early on, as did Led Zeppelin. I guess neither was that comfortable with the studio-without-audience format though, given subsequent sessions were done with an audience. Nevertheless, in their earlier studio sessions, Zeppelin recorded several songs they never put onto album so they are invaluable now. I think the 1971 audience session would have been the first time 'Stairway To Heaven' received any kind of radio broadcast...I'm sure it was before the fourth album was released.

    Bowie did a great duo session with Mick Ronson doing Hunky Dory songs, most of that has never been released but it exists in great quality.

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    As well as the Queen Xmas 1975 show there is a very good CD - Queen at the BBC - which features two sessions recorded in 1973. All the tracks appeared on their first album, except for Ogre Battle, which showed up on their second. The sessions were in February and December 1973, with the February session recorded before Queen had a record contract (which was signed with EMI and Trident in July of that year). Most of the songs are very close to the versions that showed up on their official albums, but there are some significant differences. If, like me, you think the first Queen album was never bettered by them, then this is worth getting.

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    ^The first Queen BBC session is actually just the original studio backing tracks with live vocals. I was very disappointed by that when I first heard it. Not sure how Queen did it actually, it was very unusual for BBC radio sessions. (Although a few of The Who's are like that as well.)

    The BBC session version of 'See What A Fool I've Been' is far better than the B side version. Mercury gave a very whimsical vocal on the B side, for reasons best known to himself! Not a great song anyway, but still.

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    Now that guitargeek and JJ88 are here, I have a Queen BBC session. Was the "We Will Rock You (Brahma Remix)" done as a BBC recording or was it some other project? Either way, the surge of power after the Siddhartha quote is just sensational.

    Regarding the Deep Purple BBC recordings, those are just essential for DP fans. They were playing with fire on those sessions.
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    Oh that was from a quite late in the day 1977 BBC session I think. I don't think many other big rock bands were doing BBC sessions by then.

    Yes did a lot of BBC recordings early on but based on the sound of that 2-cd release, I'm not sure how many of the original tapes survived. 'For Everyone' has been used on a few collections.
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    Granada/ITV rather than BBC but still. Some audio snippets of The Beatles' first ever* TV broadcasts have emerged:

    I think Apple have had these for decades. But this is the first time they've leaked out, other than another snippet of 'A Taste Of Honey'.

    *The Cavern film of 'Some Other Guy' was recorded before, but not actually broadcast anywhere until after they became famous.
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    I just grabbed a download of this the other day. This thread is worth reading and has a link.
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