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Thread: PROG-ROCK Diner/PAUL SEARS Radio Hour 11/24/19: Info/Playlist 10pm-12am EST

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    PROG-ROCK Diner/PAUL SEARS Radio Hour 11/24/19: Info/Playlist 10pm-12am EST

    Hello, this Sunday 11/24/19 from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Fairfax at The Prog-Rock Diner provides a Thanksgiving 'feast' with a food, family and friends related theme. You'll hear tasty bits from Gentle Giant, Hasse Bruniusson, Kevin Ayers, Djam Karet, Strawbs, Acqua Fragile, Azigza and Focus. Paul joins in the menu with some Egg and a huge portion of Genesis. Dedicating this show to our families that we can't be with this holiday, but who are always in our hearts. We hope you will join us and have a safe, happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for listening!

    GENTLE GIANT - Acquiring the Taste - Acquiring the Taste
    HASSE BRUNIUSSON - Pot on the Head & Oranges Under the Arms - Flying Food Circus
    KEVIN AYERS - Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her) - Joy of a Toy
    FAUN FABLES - A Table Forgotten - A Table Forgotten
    DJAM KARET - Going Home - New Dark Age
    STRAWBS - Lemon Pie - Ghosts
    ACQUA FRAGILE - Coffee Song - Mass Media Stars
    AZIGZA - Friends - Azigza
    STRAWBS - Autumn - Hero & Heroine
    FOCUS - Hurkey Turkey - Focus 8
    FOCUS - De Ti O De Mi - Focus 8

    EGG - Contrasong - The Polite Force
    EGG - Boilk - The Polite Force
    EGG - Long Piece No. 3 - The Polite Force
    GENESIS - Supper's Ready - Foxtrot
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