My new EP Odyssey is finally finished. There were quite a few bumps in the road, computer crashes, lost tracks, etc, I wondered at times if I would be able to complete this goal I had set for myself...but here we are, it's done.
14 tracks, 10 are instrumental and 4 with vocals.
This is not prog, sorry. The instrumental songs I would describe as soundtrack, and the 4 vocal songs as pop rock.

Many of the instrumentals include audio from the Apollo 10 Space mission to the moon and back. I had over 3 hours of Apollo 10 highlights from the mission I had to go through to find the right bits to fit with the music. At times during this mixing process I think I spent so much time listening to the crew, I began feeling like one of them. lol

For those who remember, or don't, the Apollo 10 mission was the test run for Apollo 11. So these guys got to go to the moon but didn't get to land on it, but without their test run allowed NASA to make adjustments for the moon landing with Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew.
Only 1 crew member from Apollo 10 is still alive, astronaut Thomas P Stafford is now 89 and from my research is still a healthy active senior citizen.

Anyway, it was a true labor of love, but I'm ready for new challenges.

Here is the link: