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Thread: PROGEEZER Take 2

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    Thanks for the update Steve. I'll light one up in a few hours in your honour.
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    Your with us in spirit, Steve. Often when someone posts something, I think now WWGD (what would Geezer do)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
    Your with us in spirit, Steve. Often when someone posts something, I think now WWGD (what would Geezer do)?
    Yeah, all those Jews from Nazareth to Madison, WI are so sagelike, aren't they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by progeezer View Post
    I am once again humbled and overwhelmed by the concern from all of my friends on PE!

    Here's the official long-overdue update:

    Any of you who saw me at Progday knew I had a pretty bad wound on my right shin from just another stupid old man blunder. I told everyone that this would be my ProgDay swansong due to a litany of non life-threatening crap that was simply catching up to me at 74.

    At one of my bi-weekly outpatient appts. to have the wound cleaned and re-wrapped on Oct 22nd, the wound specialist told me that it looked like part of the wound was infected and they should have the ER Trauma docs look at it. It didn't take them more than 10 minutes to admit me as an inpatient and start IV antibiotics that were coursing through my veins for over a week. The following week was spent at an acute care therapy facility where I had physical & occupational therapy.

    All of this happened so f*****g fast that I didn't even have a change of clothes or underwear, much less my PC.

    When I subsequently found out that if my wound specialist hadn't insisted that I be examined further there was a possibility of losing the leg, she instantly became my Saint Amanda..

    Now for the (afaic) happy ending.....I was released today after 2 weeks and have been home for a few hours. I'm plodding through e-mails, voice mails (didn't even want my cell phone while I was drugged out & slowly healing) and a shit ton of snail mail as well.

    The biggest difference now is once I start going out again next week, I will be using a cane. I don't need it while at home fortunately, but using a cane beats the hell out of losing a leg!

    I truly cannot thank you all enough for your love and concern.

    As the Mexican bandit tells Bogart & Walter Huston in "Treasure of Sierra Madre" (paraphrasing), "I don' need no stinkin' Facebook, you friends are more than enough for me".

    Love you all,

    So you're ok, man. Peace, love and light to you and yours
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