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Thread: R.I.P. Jan Erik Kongshaug

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    R.I.P. Jan Erik Kongshaug


    In commemoration of the sad passing of Jan Erik Kongshaug yesterday, All About Jazz has republished my 2010 interview with the engineer and Rainbow Studios owner, during a week spent in Oslo as part of a three-week Norwegian Road Trip that also took me to the Kongsberg and Molde jazz festivals.

    Knowing I was going to spend some time in Oslo, arranging a visit with Jan Erik at Rainbow was a top priority. And it couldn’t have been a lovelier morning; Jan Erik was extremely gracious and generous with his time, and so it remains a memorable all the more so with his passing yesterday.

    I’ve written an introductory obit, so please take a moment to have a look; he was a giant in his field, and his death is a tremendous loss. Still, with 4,000 recordings under his belt, and around 700 for ECM Records, he’s left a substantial legacy that will ensure his name lives on.

    Interview here
    John Kelman
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    Thanks, RIP.


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