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Thread: Kevin Gilbert's "Lamb" performance 25th anniversary

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    Kevin Gilbert's "Lamb" performance 25th anniversary

    Unless I missed it, the 25th anniversary of this show passed without a mention yesterday. I've been a latecomer to the music of Kevin Gilbert, but over the past few months I've listened to everything I could find, including this one-off from Progfest. I doubt I can add anything substantive to the accolades already posted in various places on this site and elsewhere, but thought it at least deserved a mention.
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    I love this performance of the Lamb..what a great show and Kevin's interpretation is simply brilliant to me.
    Dave Kerzner posted this concert on FB several months ago and I'd never seen it before.

    After watching the concert I set out on a Kevin Gilbert journey and couldn't stop researching and listening to his music from the beginning to the end.

    I'm deeply saddened we lost him at such a young age and can only imagine the wonderful music he would've continued sharing with the world.

    I know Kerzner is releasing some best of cds, some including songs he did with Keven as well and Nick.
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    yeah it was 25 years ago today

    That was the November of my Freshman year in College. I wish I had known about him back then, but I also would assume there would have been no way I could have afforded to fly out to LA and see it being only 18.

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    The Variety Arts, I remember it well. Those Prog Fests were very exciting, thank you Greg Walker and David Overstreet
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    What was almost better than KG's performance at PF was running into him in the record dealer's lobby rifling through the crates looking for rare copies of, you guessed it -- Peter Gabriel records!
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    Love that performance.

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