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Thread: 10 years gone, In Memoriam for Greg Amov

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    10 years gone, In Memoriam for Greg Amov

    Hard to imagine 10 years has passed but on what would have been his 60th birthday I am looking back at his passing on Nov 3rd 2009. Gregory was 49 when he died of frontal lobe brain cancer. We were best friends for 32 years, having met at Grossmont College in the spring of 1977. His family treated me like I was their own son. Wonderful people.

    I am going to do a special edition of my "Through The Looking Glass" radio show soon, featuring his solo music, our Systems Theory music, some Amov/Davies-Morris demos that would have been Systems Theory had they got that far, some things he worked on with other people, music by artists he was fond of (some prog, some ambient, some space, some folk, some pop). Maybe some of his sister Rachel's music. I'll make that available as a download for a few weeks after it airs. I'll post the link here.

    In the meantime, Greg's three released albums can be downloaded for free from our Systems Theory bandmate Mike Dickson's website. Go to and follow the links.

    Gregory Michael Amov: Nov 6th 1959 - Nov 3rd 2009. Gone, but never forgotten.
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    Wow, yeah. Here's to Greg! Not at all forgotten.

    Here's also to the music you made together

    All the best, Steven.

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    Spinning the Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies album right now in tribute
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    Still play his stuff & System Theory regularly, thinking of him.

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