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Thread: R.I.P. Timi Hansen (Mercyful Fate)

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    R.I.P. Timi Hansen (Mercyful Fate)

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    Yes, I've heard. A pity at such an age. A great musician.

    Those first 2 LPs of Mercyful Fate and the EP are part of the golden library of heavy music. I still play them and enjoy the hell (what else?) out of them.

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    Rest in peace, Timi. Thanks for taking part in some of the greatest metal I have ever heard.
    Can this be the swan song? The final elbow?

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    Got exposed to Mercyful Fate in 1982 via their 'Black Funeral' track on Ebony Records' "Metallic Storm" compilation. Easily the best track of that sampler that got me instantly hooked on their brand of dark metal. Next day I had a homepainted Mercyful Fate back patch stitched on my denim jacket, they weren't available anywhere back then. Do It Yourself times!

    Great band and one of my favourites from the 80s. RIP Tim.
    Macht das ohr auf!



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