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Thread: Patrick Moraz Future Memories

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    Patrick Moraz Future Memories

    Having watched some of the TV broadcast relating to the above piece and being very impressed, I was astonished to find a vinyl copy for £3 in my local second hand record store a week later. The Uncanny !
    Never heard this before , somehow missed it and really think it's a great album if bit disjointed at times. Some of the Moog soling is fabulous as ever with Moraz. Any one else have this ?

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    I picked this up in a college record shop in Pittsburg in the early eighties. Still have it. Thanks to this mention I'll have to dig it out & give it a spin today.
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    My remember not liking it at all back when it came out. Iíll have to dig it out and listen again.

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    Wayside has this for $3 on CD, no-brainer if you are a Moraz fan.
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