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Thread: Portable Bluetooth/Wired Speakers

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    Thanks for the tip. The mini rigs look like they are worth a little more, and are a cut above most brands


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    Not so portable, but nevertheless on a trip to Amsterdam where it was vital to have great quality music I brought along Audio Engine 5 blue tooth self-powered speakers and they worked like a charm. As I recall I used the foam packing material they were delivered in. I had a little trouble at the airport, but other than that it worked like a charm and these are excellent speakers that rocked the house (actually it was a boat we rented for the week). It will blow the crap listed above out of the water. They sound great! I use them in my office to this day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmotron View Post
    I am pleased that they look like a good fit, John.
    Methinks you will love them!

    The 2.2 set-up is a thing of wonder. Very, very impressive.
    Actually, you solo me. I just bought two subwoofers from a MINIRIG reseller today...can’t wait for it all to arrive! It means we’ll have kickass sound in every room of our two-bedroom condo...not to mention worn one or both of us travel. The 2.2 setup will really be great to have in Ireland, especially

    Thanks again for a great tip!
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