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The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 574
In Focus-Cozy Powell-Over The Top-1979

Presto Ballet-Earthbound-The Days Between-2018
Umphrey's McGee-Half Delayed-It's Not Us-2018
Jeff Beck-Star Cycle-There And Back-1980 (Jan Hammer)
Schon & Hammer-Arc-Untold Passion-1981
Porcupine Tree-Trains-In Absentia-2002 (Gavin Harrison)
Focus-Sylvia-Golden Oldies-2014
The Fringe-You-The Fringe-2016 (D'Virgilio, McStine & Reingold)
Robin Trower-Daydream-Twice Removed From Yesterday-1973
Jellyfish-The King Is Half Undressed-Bellybutton-1990
Cozy Powell-Killer-Over The Top-1979 (Gary Moore)

FM-Journey-Black Noise-1977
Fraud Prophets-I Think I Just Said That-Poptosis-2019
Nad Sylvan-Whoa (I've Always Been Without You)-The Regal Bastard-2019 (Nick D'Virgilio)
Special Providence-Green Sun-Labyrinth-2008
The Flower Kings-The Merrygoround-Stardust We Are-1997
Advent-To Dunsinane-Silent Sentinel-2015
Izz-Don't Panic-Don't Panic-2019
The Man From RavCon-Max The Cat-Another World-2018
Cozy Powell-El Sid-Over The Top-1979 (Jack Bruce)

Flying Colors-Guardian-Third Degree-2019 (Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
Steve Morse Band-Huron River Blues-The Introduction-1984 (Rod Morgenstein & Jerry Peek)
Kansas-Musicatto / Taking In The View-Power-1986 (Steve Morse)
Dixie Dregs-Odyssey-What If-1978 (Rod Morgenstein & Andy West)
Marillion-Garden Party (1982)-Early Stages-2013 (live)
Bryan Beller-Always Worth It-Scenes From The Flood-2019
Potter's Daughter & Annie Haslam-Blood And Water-Blood And Water-2019
Cozy Powell-Sweet Poison-Over The Top-1979 (Max Middleton)

Three-Halloween-Summer Camp Nightmare-2003
Three-Shadow Play-The End Is Begun-2007
Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell-Heaven And Hell-1980 (Ronnie James Dio)
Shumaun-Fear Is-One Day Closer To Yesterday-2019
Corrado Rustici & Peppino D'Agostino-The Knife Of Love-For The Beauty Of This Wicked World-2019
Steven Wilson-The Same Asylum As Before-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
Jethro Tull-Heavy Horses-Heavy Horses-1978 (Barriemore Barlow & Darryl Way)
The Neal Morse Band-The Great Adventure-The Great Adventure-2019 (Mike Portnoy)
Cozy Powell-Over The Top-Over The Top-1979 (Don Airey)