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    For the Glory

    Here is a song I recorded in 2019 over the summer, and have made mix tweaks on since then. I'm working on a few more and hope to release them as an album... sometime, maybe this year or early 2022.
    Three guitar solos in this one. Last weekend I was recording guitar solos in another song. Solos are difficult. I am starting to think that songs I write going forward will have a single guitar solo, not a long extended jam but a brief, to the point solo.

    Parts of this song are ideas I had as far back as the 1980s, such as the intro. I envisioned that as a sort of a jam section. I finally put these ideas I had decades ago together with some guitar riffs I wrote for the song just in the last couple of years and completed the song.
    This was the first song in which I used my Rickenbacker 4003SW 5 string bass. The song has floating electronic sections, wailing lead guitar, a little ambient guitar in the middle instrumental section, and guitars playing riffs - all the stuff I enjoy writing and playing.

    The lyrics of the song came from an idea a former fellow band member had. He suggested doing a concept album based on the settling of people on Polynesian islands. He'd seen a documentary that IIRC mentioned that not a lot is known about where they migrated from or why they settled on islands. I thought "People don't just up and leave their homes, take their families with them across the ocean to find a new place to live just to see what's out there. What's the most common reason people leave their homes and look for a new land to live in?" and I had the subject for my song.
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    Impressive effort! Well thought out and produced!
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