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Thread: New Richard Wileman (Karda Estra) CD 'Cabal Of A Thousand Souls'

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    New Richard Wileman (Karda Estra) CD 'Cabal Of A Thousand Souls'

    Hi PE - here's latest my news.

    Richard Wileman’s second solo release CABAL OF A THOUSAND SOULS is a 7 track mini album on the No Image label (Cat no NICD25)
    Worldwide CD release date 18th Oct 2019 but will be available from Bandcamp mid September.

    ‘... experimental, gothic, part Radiophonic Workshop, part Wicker Man soundtrack… Richard pares
    the sound back from the more orchestral moments of his Karda Estra days, mixing the intricate musical moments that are his trademark, with a dark folkier vein.’ James R Turner. Notes From The Edge

    Best wishes,

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    And what a fantastic album it is
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...

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    I have it a while now and it is really good.[emoji106][emoji106]

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    Thanks so much Kim and thedunno - much appreciated!

    As a throwback, I thought I'd post this Halloween free gift here too....for those who don't know it, I hope you enjoy!
    Best, Richard

    Happy Halloween! My scary treat for those made of sterner stuff is a free download of my 'Mondo Profondo' album. Features on 'On Those Cloudy Days' (inspired by 'I Am Legend') and one of my gnarliest pieces 'The Haunter Of the Dark' (inspired by the story of the same name by H.P. Lovecraft). Also includes collabs with the hauntingly gifted Matt Baber, Kavus Torabi, Phil Mercy, Stu Rowe, Mohadev, Marco Bernard... Snag it now as only around for a short while!

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    Yesterday I looked for some information on In The Nursery and the Dutch Wikipedia-page compared it with Karda Estra. (There is even a Dutch Wikipedia-page on Karda Estra Funny, no pages in other languages and there are even seperate pages for most albums.) I need to listen again to the Karda Estra albums I own.


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