So Progtoberfest at Reggie's in Chicago was majorly scaled down this year. Add to that, Saturday's headliner Ape Shifter (with Stu Hamm on bass) had to cancel. SO, a new PG tribute that I'm playing bass with was offered the spot. We are going by the name "Big Time". Members include Mike Sluis on vocals and Rich Poston on guitar. They were in a Genesis/PG tribute called Cinema in the 90s, and Rich has also played with Sonus Umbra and Origin of Animal, among others. Fred Faller of Zip Tang is on drums. He also plays with keyboardist Mark Pieper in Porcupine Tree tribute Cloud Zero. Also on keys is Paul Sladek. We originally got together for a "one-off" gig at a Genesis fan gathering a few weeks ago. We decided that maybe we should have it continue and booked a show with Cloud Zero for November 8. The Reggie's thing came up unexpectedly, but we're rehearsing tonight and should be in fine shape for Saturday. It's "deep cuts" for now (to the general public) concentrating on the first 4 albums, but we do plan to add more of the later hits as time goes on. Hope some of you can come out and say hi!