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^^^ Almost as bad as "Ebony and Ivory".

Pete Townshend once dissed "E&I" in an interview, then added, "Of course, I'm guilty of 'Squeeze Box'".
Squeeze Box, Why Did I Fall For That, Athena, Did You Steal My Money, How Can You Do It Alone, Face The Face, etc.

re: That Would Be Something,

Being not really familiar with McCartney's solo records, beyond the singles, my only experience with this song is a cover by...well, it was during a Grateful Dead show, but it basically just Garcia. I think they only did it once, sometime in the early 90's. The story I read in one of the Dead books I have is that Jerry was backstage before a show at the Boston Garden. Apparently, it was like the third or fourth show of a multi-night run.

Anywya, he started talking to a fan who had gotten backstage and I guess Jerry asked him what he might like to hear that night. The guy started to suggest the Help On The Way/Slipknot/Franklin's Tower suite, but then realized they had done it the first night of the run, but then said something like "But there's no rule saying you can't play it again", and Jerry chuckled and said, "Yeah, that would really be something". Then, that night, not only did they do the Help On The Way suite, but as the band climbed out of the space jam during the second set, Jerry launched into That Would Be Something, apparently spontaneously, reputedly as a response to the pre-show conversation. That could be just an urban legend, though.