Got home yesterday from NYC, where we crossed Flying Colors off our bucket list after enjoying their show at Sony Hall on Monday night! Great show, great venue, great crowd (still green with envy from talking to an atendee who just returned from Ayreon's Tilburg gigs!)This followed closely on the heels of our trip to Boston to see the penultimate performance of David Byrne's American Utopia prior to the upcoming Broadway run. Great show and highly recommended, and Boston is pretty easy for us since it's only 90 miles east for us here in the wilds of western Mass. (which as you can imagine is just lovely right now!) Before the Byrne show at the lovingly-restored Emerson Colonial Theater, we had just returned from a week in Montreal (5 hours north), where we spent a wonderful evening with King Crimson of 9/17 at the not-quite-restored but still ornate Theatre saint-Denis, followed by a stellar evening on Sunday 9/2 with Mssrs. Hackett et als (who were also staying at our upscale "Hotel Cantafford it for Jonas when you're playing with Steve, huh?) at the second of the band's two sold-out shows at Place des Arts (yet Steve can't sell out he Wilbur in Boston!?!!?) Great to see Craig Blundell, who we last saw with Steven Wilson's band, with Hackett.

Frankly, we're happy but exhausted. The bottom line... we're now 60 years old and between all the driving and expenses involved in seeing these gigs (had great seats for each!), we're not sure how much longer we can maintain this pace and financial demands (wife likes to stay in top hotels only, and that's non-negotiable) noting that multiple shows seem to cluster in the Fall and Spring. Artists, you know we will support you as best we can by continuing to make the treks and pay the price...but how about staggering some of these dates? We old and unwealthy fans would appreciate it!