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Thread: Wakeman Scottish Rites, Collinswood, NJ Oct. 11

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    Wakeman Scottish Rites, Collinswood, NJ Oct. 11

    Due to serious an unforeseen problem, my wife and I cannot make it to see Mr. Wakeman on Oct. 11 (Friday), Scottish
    If anyone is interested, I am willing to give the tickets to anyone who would like to go for free. Just email me at
    I'd rather have someone enjoy the show than leave the seats empty.

    Cheers, Lee

    PS reply here before emailing (if interested). Thanks

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    Sorry, someone already snapped them up Best wishes

    Webmaster, please delete this thread.

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    Wow, I had no idea Wakeman was even going to be there. I love that venue! Oh well. Oh, I'm seeing Flying Colors that night anyway! Never mind.


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