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Thread: new Deathprod album "Occulting Disk" coming later this month (!)

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    new Deathprod album "Occulting Disk" coming later this month (!)

    Realized earlier that I haven't chucked a fast-sinking stone into this proverbial pond in a while, and maybe this has been mentioned elsewhere but...holy god Deathprod is back with a new album.

    For those, not prog in the conventional sense. Dark ambient for lack of a better term, not too far removed from the spheres of Lustmord but still a very unique creature. In less than a 24 hour period he was responsible for one of my absolute favorite goofy selfies of all time, and one of the greatest live performances I've ever seen in my life.

    Happy dark listening!
    Ephemeral Sun - because I gotta do something about these boxes of CDs in the basement:

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    I blame Wynton, what was the question?
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