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    [They] agreed that it was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.

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    He's still prog, tho'.
    "Improvisation is not an excuse for musical laziness" - Fred Frith
    "[...] things that we never dreamed of doing in Crimson or in any band that I've been in," - Tony Levin speaking of SGM

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    Can we be sure he wasn't impersonating Gerald Ford?

    Anyway, I saw Al Stewart fall off the stage in Kent, Ohio. Fortunately, he was no worse for the wear.
    "If you want to see the true nature of humanity, just look at the internet."

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    One concert Dave Stewart was performing and suddenly came to consciousness aware that he was hearing music, but without his keyboard part. He then realized he was playing live and his chair had fallen back off the stage, he'd hit his head and momentarily lost consciousness, while the band played on...

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