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Thread: Survivor - Island of the Idols | Season 39

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    From the clip they showed on the "live" show, it looks like the players didn't know they were playing for $2M until they were already there. I agree with your comment about being competitive. I'm one of the least competitive people you'll ever meet, so I didn't even think of that. LOL!

    What did everyone think of how they handled the Dan issue? I was expecting much more of a discussion with multiple players, especially Janet and Jamal since they were both so well spoken on the show, and not just with Kellee. I think they needed to address the issue, but I was expecting more. I'm wondering if they had to be careful because I wouldn't be surprised if Dan ended up suing CBS.

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    I'll expand on the Dan issue later. What I keep thinking about regarding Dan is his son. He actually has two sons. Remember, Dan's son joined him on the island for the family visit. I keep thinking of how this season has turned out for his son in his school and elsewhere. The jubilation of knowing your father is on Survivor! Seeing your dad on the island and participating on the show. A kid's dream come true! Then... all of this transpires. First, his dad comes home early -- not from tribal council. Then, awaiting the season to start knowing what's about to come.

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