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Thread: Manitas de Plata

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    Manitas de Plata

    I just did that post in the BOC thread just a minute ago but I'm also curious about the response to this guy, Manitas de Plata. I believe that translates to Silver Hands.

    I got hip to this guy when stealing some of the good shit from my Mom's library way back when. She had a "box set" of albums with this dude. They had to go up in the mountains of Spain to record this Gypsy guitarist and it was well worth it. The guy is pretty wild.

    I remember thinking there's no way that's one guy. I was young and didn't know as much as I do about music then so I was pretty ignorant.

    Great background music for a pre-date situation where you are cooking dinner for that hopeful happy ending to a night.

    Ridiculous but oh so cool. Here's one with Jose Reyes.

    Another if you care.

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    Good call!.
    I share your enthusiasm for his music and persona.

    ps: "Manitas de Plata" = "Little Hands of Silver."
    Pura Vida!.

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