Hello! This Sunday night 9/8/19 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia, The Prog-Rock diner is serving tasty bits from newer releases by Accordo dei Contrari and Morglbl and a promo from The MPS Project. Paul saunters into the kitchen with delectable items by Us,Today, Moon Men and more Morglbl. Please join us if you can and thanks so much for listening.

ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI - Eros vs Anteros - Violato Intatto
ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI - Il violato intatto - Violato Intatto
MORGLBL - Flics Amis Amish - The Story of Scott Rotti
MOGBLBL - Anarchytektur - The Story of Scott Rotti
THE MPS PROJECT - Slinky - Goes Without Saying
ACCORDO DIE CONTRARI - Shamash - Violato Intatto

US,TODAY - Best Unfriends - Computant
US,TODAY - What Is Time Now, Goodmorning? - Computant
US,TODAY - Greetings From The Master - Computant
US,TODAY - Wealth+Fame+Love+Luck - Computant
US,TODAY - Eracism - Computant
MOON MEN - Fedora Moon - 3
MOON MEN - Peas&Carrots&Grass - 3
MOON MEN - Coer le Boeuf - 3
MOON MEN - The Dark Side Of the Moon is Dark for a Reason - 3
MOON MEN - And With Stars at Her Feet - 3
MORGLBL - Dark Vadim - The Story of Scott Rotti