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Thread: New 2020 Tour - Jethro Tull Guitarist Martin Barre

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    New 2020 Tour - Jethro Tull Guitarist Martin Barre

    This is the core content of an email we received today:

    Hello: I represent the Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre. www, Martin, along with other world renown, long time Jethro Tull Band members, Martin's 4 member world touring band and two female back up singers, will be on their a US cross country tour 2020 This is a 100% Jethro Tull Celebration Tour. Performance is all classic Tull 2 hour performance. We often hear from both fans as well as promoters that this is the very best Jethro Tull performance in the history of Jethro Tull.

    Martin , having been the Jethro Tull Band guitarist for over 40 years, and other well known Tull Band members, have put together an incredible, full on Classic Tull tour. Band brings all back line, sound crew and stage crew. This is a full 3 month cross country tour and routing your way in , 2020.
    NOTE: Martin and band also offer an outstanding all acoustic performance

    Celebrating The Music Of Jethro Tull -- In America A 2020 US Concert Tour Showcasing Tull’s Music History With Official Tull Band Members:
    Martin Barre/Clive Bunker/Dee Palmer
    With the Martin Barre Band plus special guests T.B.A.

    MARTIN BARRE has played on all the Tull albums over the years and his riffs and writing have been a major part of selling 65 million Jethro Tull albums worldwide. Martin won a Grammy for his playing on Crest of a Knave and is regularly in the polls for his guitar playing. Martin plays mandolin as well as flute Part 1
    Part 2
    Clive Bunker - played drums on Stand Up/Benefit/Aqualung etc.
    Clive was part of the historic band that stormed the USA from 1969 onwards.

    Dee Palmer- Jethro Tull Band member, keyboardist, composer from 1968 to 1991. Palmer was a driving force and notable Tull Band member. - arranged string, brass, and woodwind parts for Jethro Tull songs in the late 1960s, before formally joining the group in 1976 playing keyboards on albums Songs from The Wood, Heavy Horses & Storm watch

    The tour will be supported by a “50 years of Tull” album released worldwide
    I'll post further details if I receive them.


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    Gotta say...I'm fairly interested in this. Probably helps that I'm on a major Tull binge right now. If it comes near me I might be tempted to take the plunge.
    No humor please, we're skittish.

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    Sounds great! And getting Clive and Dee on board is fabulous.

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    That is exciting, but I do kinda wish that this was touring the USA:

    Martin Barre and Barriemore Barlow will be touring Latin and South America next March with Adam Wakeman!
    His show celebrating 50 years of Jethro Tull will be a historic moment and a global first, as Martin will be joined by former Jethro Tull drummer Barriemore Barlow. It will be the first time the two have shared a stage together since the 1980’s. Barriemore famed for playing with Tull alongside Martin between 1971 to 1980 featured on albums “Thick as a Brick”, “Passion Play” and “Stormwatch”.
    Adam Wakeman, keyboardist for Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne will also be joining as a special guest for this spectacular show touring throughout Latin and South America.


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