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Thread: Great interview with Bill Bruford

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    Great interview with Bill Bruford

    I guess OT is where this should be posted..

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    Thank you! That was a wonderful interview (Well, it should be...Billy B AND Anni! You cannot go wrong.)

    That performance anxiety he discusses in the interview and the similar thoughts from his auto-bio are quite sobering. After all, here is THE progressive rock drummer...the one who created so many of the standards we now take for granted. How could he not have 100% confidence that what he was doing was still valid and appreciated? It was difficult to reconcile these thoughts with the pioneer that blazed the trail with Yes, KC, UK, and Earthworks (amongst others). But yet if I look at the modern drum landscape I can understand. When I listen to someone like Gavin Harrison I too want to hang up my sticks! And when I consider the difficulties with touring I also understand.

    What hasnít changed is the huge amount of respect I have for Bill. His exit was as well-played as his entrance. We will never not have Billís music. And his compositions. And his prose.

    Thank goodness for the man. My life would not be the same without him.

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