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Thread: John Kelman Interviewed About ECM Fecords by Brian Imig for WZRD Radio

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    John Kelman Interviewed About ECM Fecords by Brian Imig for WZRD Radio

    My interview with Brian Imig on WZRD radio last weekend is now available, for those interested. The focus is on ECM Records, with some anecdotes, some larfs...just a whole lotta fun!

    About an hour long, but with a few before anyone says anything, when I referred to Ralph Towner's Solstice, I meant 12-string ACOUSTIC, of course, not electric (d'oh!!).

    You can listen to it on YouTube, here it be....

    John Kelman
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    I really enjoyed the interview. One of the things I learned is that I have been pronouncing Manfred Eicher's name incorrectly for at least 42 years!

    I'd love to hear more conversations about ECM. Over the years, ECM has opened doors for me into vast music worlds that I had not been aware of.

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    Nice conversation. I hope you can do a part 2. So much music on ECM I've yet to discover.

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    Thanks, ECM is one of my favorite labels.

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    Nice! I listened to the entire hour. I'd love to get my hands on the '83 Oregon recording that Brian Imig mentioned. Sad to hear about Paul McCandless' illness; it was also hinted at in the Oregon FB page but not talked about in detail in respect to his privacy.

    Both of these guys must have amazing record collections.


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