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Thread: Progressive doom Telepath new single

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    Progressive doom Telepath new single

    May be of peripheral interest here: I just released the first single off my new project Telepathís forthcoming album (Oct. 18). Analog synths and doomy guitars, for those who like that kind of stuff. The album will feature a couple guests including White Willow/Wobblerís Lars Fredrik FrÝislie.
    Link to song at the bottom of this review:

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    Thanks Jacob, great stuff, I'm looking forward to the album.
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    Sounds decent!
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    Pretty cool. Keep us up to date.

    Mostly unrelated, but I’m pretty sure Wobbler is recording their next album.
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    Gonna try it out, and send it to my son on law.
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    Now available for preorder, CD and LP:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Holm-Lupo View Post
    Now available for preorder, CD and LP:
    Just curious: How will the CD be packed, digi-pack, jewel case? The cardboard-cover of In These Murky Waters was a bit cheap; those covers disappear in a collection of 5000+ CD's .

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    Good question. Iíll make sure to notify Apollon that we want something sturdy. I know the LP will be gatefold but not sure we settled on the CD yet. Iíll chime back here once Iíve talked to them. I donít like those flimsy thin packages.

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    Tangential, but what's up with the next White Willow album? That's the one you released a single for already, right? (Or at least an advance song.) I know you've been pretty busy with various things.

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    Yeah, so the sequence of events is this: Telepath in October, new The Opium Cartel later in the Fall/Winter, and then new White Willow slated for Spring 2020. The material is written, but recording starts this Fall.
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    Is the next Opium Cartel similar to Ardor or has it taken another path? Not sure I've ever mentioned it, but Ardor is absolutely fantastic and one that I revisit quite often

    Really liking the Telepath songs too, although I might wait for the full album to land on Bandcamp (will it?) or my lovely local vendors.
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    Thanks. Yeah, the new follows a similar path, more 80s synths and semi-proggy intrusions. The difference is a bigger emphasis on vocal arrangements, and thereís also a few instrumental tracks.

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    Track premiere today on the last single before the full album is released:

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    Teaser with excerpts from the album now available. Album out on Friday.

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    Sounding really excellent, Jacob. Excited to get my hands on the album in the not-too-distant future
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    Jacob, this teaser got my arm hairs standing! Wow this sounds so good! It has many elements that I love, dark, gritty, symphonic, heavy, cinematic, gothic-prog, mellotronic. Who could ask for more? Really sounds like a winner, congrats!
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    I like it!
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    I got mine on vinyl. It sounds really really good!!


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