Hello again, this Sunday 8/25/19 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in the No. Virginia area (COX, Verizon) The Prog-Rock Diner is serving ProgDay related music with the NEW release by Izz, plus Ars Nova and Deus Ex Machina. Paul comes into the kitchen the 2nd hour with Confusion Field, Solypsis, Peter Kater and Hector Moreno & Norberto Capelli. We hope you enjoy the show and please let us know your thoughts. Thanks for listening.

IZZ - Don't Panic - Don't Panic
IZZ - 42 - Don't Panic
ARS NOVA - Transi - ProgDay Encore?
ARS NOVA - Morgan - ProgDay Encore?
DEUS EX MACHINA - Res Publica II - ProgDay Encore?
DEUS EX MACHINA - Perpetua Lux - ProgDay Encore?

CONFUSION FIELD - Distort Reality - single
CONFUSION FIELD - Sky Is Never The Same - single
SOLYPSIS - Entiendo - unreleased
SOLYPSIS - Vermillion - unreleased
SOLYPSIS - Resins - unreleased
PETER KATER - Ravens Wings - Wings
PETER KATER - Hold Me Close - Wings
PETER KATER - Wings of Love - Wings
HECTOR MORENO & NORBERTO CAPELLI - Estancia Ballet Suite - Tangos & Malambos