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Thread: Rascal Reporters - We're God - 2019 remaster

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    Rascal Reporters - We're God - 2019 remaster

    Hey everyone, wanted to share news of this new remaster I've been working on!

    OUT NOW!

    Rascal Reporters' 1980 sophomore release 'We're God', digitally remastered in 2019 from the original master tapes - with higher clarity and fidelity than ever before! For release on our Bandcamp page -

    Hear Stevie Kretzmer's original piano-only version of 'Solomon Music' (with audible piano stool squeek!), 'Cannonball Adderley' as it stood before its 1997 re-construction, Gore's scream of relief at the end of 'Fidget Stomp' as he completes a successful take, and all the other intricacies of this piece of Reporters history. Featuring the original 1980 version of the album, as it was before its re-edit in 1997 for its CD release, this is the first time this version of the album has been made available digitally, and the first time the album has been available in this quality!

    Bonus tracks include a fully remastered version of the 'Guns for Jerry's Kids/Beatrice' single along with other specialities from the era, and the download comes with full scans of the original 20-page cassette booklet & 1981's 7" 'Guns for Jerry's Kids/Beatrice' single with lyrics & liner notes

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    The best video I've ever made.


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