Another busy weekend here in town getting ready for an Art show, etc so I'm sharing Paul's post but want to mention that the 1st hour is from the ProgDay '95 release. That was the very 1st ProgDay and they are now having #25. Hope you enjoy the show! Note: for more info if you want to go Labor Day weekend!

It's..RADIO TIME..... (PROG ROCK DINER, Proudly since 1991) 10PM-12AM Midnight EST EVERY SUNDAY, this one tonight! 08/18/2019.

LINK to bookmark - same time every week: and hit LISTEN LIVE to Deb Sears' Prog Rock Diner show! Same link and time every week.
The Paul Sears Radio hour is 2nd hour of the PRD. All On NOVA cable TV audio (check with your cable co for RADIO FAIRFA as well in Northern VA, as well as on our old pal, the Internet. The whole
shootin' match is produced by Deb Sears.
♫ shtoink ♫ bangbang

10PM-11PM EST Deb ♀ playz:
Ozone Quartet
Timothy Pure
Bon Lozaga
♫ bangbangbang ♪♪♫ fugroon

11pm-12 Midnight Pauly ♂ twirls..
Sigmund Snopek III
Karda Estra